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No parenting journey is the same. The Bizzi Chatter is a space to share your journey as well as to read, learn and grow from other parents, siblings, grandparents from around the globe.
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Kids and Military Life

The only consistent thing about our lifestyle is its lack of consistency. Military consistency is different than civilian consistency. It’s a steady, dependable job within a system that takes care of its members, but outside of that, nothing remains the same.
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10 Tips to Transform Toddler and Child Bedtime Battles

Toddlers and children are masters of turning bedtime into a battle zone. And the timing couldn’t be worse - at the end of the day when the whole family is frazzled, energy is running low all round.
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How to help your toddler deal with a big move

I lived and breathed New York City and I moved all over the island without a care in the world. I was a master at moving.
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Mama’s Instinct

When something is off, 9 times out of 10 it’s pretty freaking rotten. However, when its right, boy oh boy does it feel like a huge win.
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Making the Best of Gestational Diabetes

How could I get diabetes while maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle? Why did I get it this time and not with my first? Quite frankly, not only did I not know much, I’m now embarrassed to say the little I did know was horribly inaccurate.
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Joys of Drawing

I wanted  every child who reads my books and looks at my illustrations to feel safe and know that they belong to Bella Elephant’s world.
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My Pregnancy Journey

Now in my journey, my faith has kicked in, and I’ve turned a corner where I don’t find my mind wandering anymore to the worst-case scenario but instead I daydream and pray about the best case.
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Striving, Thriving & Surviving

Change is hard, change is well change! Different, scary, intimidating, etc… Who is going to help me? What is going to happen to my kids? Where do I start? How will I survive?
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THE MID-YEAR SLUMP: How to keep kids motivated at school

January is our postpartum. January brings . . . January brings . . . yep, that’s it, folks. The fun is over...
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You Look Like A Mom

There is definitely a distinct difference between mom-wear worn by Kendall Jenner and mom-wear worn by myself and other real moms navigating motherhood.
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Better Off Not Knowing

Our daughter is our responsibility, yes, but she is not “ours.” I don’t feel ownership over her; rather, I feel that it is our duty to usher her into the world to the best of our ability.
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Finding my ‘New Year’ well before 2023

I found my "New Year" happening well before the ball dropped for the start of 2023. This early 'New Year' wasn't filled with expectations and agenda. It was simply filled with assurance and love. Nothing beyond that and I needed that.
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