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Bizzimumzi Mission

Bizzimumzi is a community based platform committed to sharing the real highs and lows of parenting. The most perfect picture of parenting is simply “At Its Best” and means you are trying your best. This is a no judgment zone. No parent shaming. We all need to take a deep breath together and help to inspire each other, educate and support our community. This is forever your safe space to share, listen, learn and forever be an unapologetic, Bizzimumzi.

About Bizzimumzi

Bizzimumzi was created by Ashley Verma’s own experience of becoming a first time Mom in February of 2020. “Becoming a parent is life changing. It’s a gift and lets be real… It’s terrifying! Once the little bundle of joy arrives, you quickly realise this isn’t all perfect Instagram shots. No, this is now all about survival!”

Ashley Verma – self-proclaimed “ always coffee-infused” – was born and raised in Moundsville, West Virginia. She began a professional Broadway career at just 19, performing on Broadway and around the globe. It was while performing that her fitness career began, teaching sold out classes and personal training the elite. Jumping the pond with her British husband, she launched her first fitness business Define London. Ashley’s fitness business was thriving pre-COVID-19, and she was the go to personal trainer for the likes of celebrities Jourdan Dunn, Pippa Middleton, Lorena Rae and Lisa Snowden.

The global pandemic gave Ashley the harsh slap of reality when she found her Define London brick and mortar having to close down. Forced to pivot to virtual practices, she had just given birth to her daughter, Adiya, and her husband was frequently travelling to Uganda building his solar energy business. She felt overwhelmed, finding great struggle at times, but began to combat the postpartum depression by sharing ‘Mommy and Me’ workouts and vlogging adventures with Adiya on their Youtube channel, Bizzimumzi.

Celebrating her daughter’s first birthday, Ashley began to feel a bit more normal in a ‘new normal’ world. She and her husband were expecting a second child, but things took on a tragic turn at 12 weeks when they received news of a miscarriage. “Motherhood, parenting…. It’s bananas! I found myself spiralling, depressed with the miscarriage news. I was doing my best to be the best for Adiya while grieving the loss of my child. There is no baby book for this, It’s life!”

Surrounded by family and friends, Ashley was encouraged to start a podcast about her journey and bring on other Bizzimumzi’s to share their life experiences. Ashley’s journey creating Bizzimumzi has been beyond therapeutic for her and through weekly feedback after a podcast launch, so does her following.

The Bizzimumzi community is not just about the pretty bits. Ashley and every Bizzimumzi is unapologetically At Its Best, even when “At Its Best” has paint on the walls, cries filling the room, and you haven’t washed your hair in 4 days. We All Got This!

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