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Understanding Birth Trauma: A Comprehensive Look

Surprisingly, as many as 30% of women & birthing individuals describe their birth as traumatic. Yet, societal sentiments like ‘your baby is healthy, that’s all that matters’ often undermine and diminish these genuine feelings of trauma.
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The Roller Coaster Ride of Back-to-School Season

The joy of fresh notebooks, the anticipation of reuniting with friends, and the whirlwind preparations—it’s all so exhilarating.
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The Truth about Fertility Testing

In recent years, at-home fertility tests have gained huge popularity becoming the go-to product for women who want to be proactive about their fertility, often while delaying motherhood.
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Empowering Working Parents: Embracing Career Changes Amid Parenthood

The influence of having a baby on one's career is undeniable. The glaring disparities highlighted by Pregnant then Screwed underscore the prevalence of discrimination against expectant parents.
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Fragile X

Everyone has the FMR1 gene on their X chromosome, but when a mutation occurs, it can cause intellectual disability, behavioural and learning challenges, and various physical characteristics.
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My Decision to Start Working Again

Becoming a mom forces you to find a new version of yourself and this version of me without a career was someone that took a lot to get used to.
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Everything You Need to Know About Baby Teeth

When should my child start seeing a dentist and what are the most common problems you see?
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Ripples of Miscarriage

When you start down the path of pregnancy, you go into it knowing the risks, and the statistics of miscarriage.
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What to do When You’re Overwhelmed with an ADHD Child

When you give into the false notion that you’re responsible for your child’s ADHD behaviours it gives the impression that very real symptoms of a neurological condition are actually the result of poor parenting.
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As a people pleaser who prides herself on getting along with just about everybody, it wasn’t easy. Here were the signs that it was time to step away, plus what I learned from the experience. 
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The Dad Perspective: My Journey to Parenthood

There’s nothing better than being a parent, but it’s really hard.
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5 Ways to Support your Child’s Growth

As a busy parent, it can be difficult to ensure that every meal is fully balanced and to ensure that all necessary nutrients are being received by your child.
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