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No parenting journey is the same. The Bizzi Chatter is a space to share your journey as well as to read, learn and grow from other parents, siblings, grandparents from around the globe.
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Single Parent Life; It’s Not Easy

They say everyone comes into your life for a reason, season, or lifetime. I thought my husband was lifetime, and that proved different. So, he came for a reason: to teach me how to co-parent.
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Becoming The Role Model

I must confess the constant doubt is there and most likely will become more heightened as she develops. The stakes are high as new parents, one can only hope to set the best positive example as they grow.
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Making Mama A Priority

You do not get a "Mom of the Year" award for slogging through 8 hours of parenting feeling drained, worthless and not enough for your little one.
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Family Fitness Challenge, Let’s Go!

Motivating your children to exercise is far harder than it seems! Take anything and everything you have lying around you home and make it into a fitness fun game.
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7 Potty Training Tips From a Pediatric Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Children will start to show signs when they’re ready to start potty training. These signs indicate your child is aware of voiding. And this awareness shows potential for control over their voiding habits
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10 Ways to Prioritize Yourself When You’re a Busy Mom

Actually taking care of yourself looks very different and it’s not always sweet and fun and instantly refreshing. It can be difficult, complicated, uncomfortable, and sometimes, downright soul-shaking.
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Fun ways to add music to your baby’s routine and help boost their development

From the moment your baby is born, introducing them to music is a must.
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Does birth order affect personality? Comparing a 1st vs 2nd child

While this wasn’t a significant incident, it stopped me in my tracks. I’ve been observing these different behaviour patterns with my boys.
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Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health Using Books

Stories can transport us to magical places away from the stresses of daily life and can often teach our children emotional intelligence.
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Battling Intrusive Thoughts as a New Mom

I feel like this topic, these feelings are ‘Motherhoods Dirty Little Secret’ that so many new moms sweep under the rug or desperately try to hide in fear of judgment. 
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Advice and learnings from a first time NYC Mum

Advice and learnings from a first time NYC mum, who didn’t want to be a mum, just yet, but now thinks it’s the greatest thing in the world :)
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Happy Birthday to my dear Adiya

I can firmly say I had no ideas of what you would or could be in my early adult years. I didn't wish for you then like how I wished for you on my 35th Birthday.
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