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New Mom Vibes – The Struggle Is Real

By: Ashley Verma | Published: April, 2023
Being a mom is equal parts glorious and exhausting. From the first moment you hold your child in your arms you are transformed. Not all experiences are the same, but one thing is for certain; exhaustion will set in and “Mom Brain/ Fogginess” will rear its ugly head.
Mom brain is the perceived foggy-headedness and lack of mental clarity experienced by new mothers… and Yes! It stays around. While there is no actual scientific evidence to back up this theory, many women report feeling like they have a harder time focusing, remembering things, and completing tasks after having a child. The causes of mom brain are varied, but all centre around the physical, emotional, and psychological changes that occur after giving birth. One of the main factors contributing to “mom brain” is sleep deprivation. Newborns require constant attention, feeding, and care, which can leave new moms running on little to no sleep. This lack of rest can affect memory and cognitive function, making simple tasks feel overwhelming and burdensome. Another factor is the influx of hormones that occurs during and after pregnancy. These hormonal changes can affect brain chemistry, leading to mood swings, anxiety, and decreased mental clarity. The body’s focus shifts to caring for the baby, leaving little room for anything else.
The demands of motherhood can be overwhelming, leaving moms with very little time to focus on themselves. Please remember this does exist behind all the shiny instagram photos. Between feeding, changing, and caring for their children, many mothers find themselves neglecting their own needs, leading to feelings of burnout and exhaustion. This is definitely where we need to acknowledge, let down our armour and ask for help.

Mom brain is a real struggle for many new moms. The mental and emotional demands of motherhood can be overwhelming, leaving women feeling like they are losing their sense of self. However, with support from loved ones, healthy habits such as rest, exercise, and self-care, and a positive attitude, moms can overcome the challenges of mom brain and find joy in their beautiful role as a mother. Please remember there is no timeline. You do you. Keep your chin up. And always remember you are doing amazing!

Ashley is a mom, founder of the Bizzimumzi podcast, and Define London fitness studio. She is a former Broadway performer and celebrity trainer. Through Bizzimumzi Ashley has created a welcoming community to share the highs and lows of parenting, and inspire others to feel empowered in their journey. Ashely believes the most perfect picture of parenting is simply when you are trying your best. Bizzimumzi is a safe space that helps parents to inspire, educate and support each other to be the best parent they can be.

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