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Wide Second/Lunge at the Barre Breakdown| At Home Workout

Wide Second & Lunge Workout with Define London Founder, Ashley Verma.

Wide Second Check List:
– Take a wide stance that best feels correct in your body.
– Don’t over rotate from the knee down. You want your turnout to come from the top of the hip and all the way down through the feet.
– Light grip on your barre or chair
– Bend the knees to where is most comfortable and begin to pulse. Typically fire and energy comes quick in a wide second so you will know if you are in the correct spot.
– Connect to your breath
– Knees will not go past your toes
– No abrupt movement
– Shoulders stacked over the hips
– Easy on the joints
– Full circumference burn for the legs that will trickle up into the glutes too!

Lunge Check List:
– Find two 90 degree angel bends in the legs
– Pulse the legs down rather than pushing forward. You don’t want to drive into the knees.
– Light grip on the chair/barre
– Lift up through your posture
– Tuck hips ever so slightly under
– Track front knee no further over second toe.
– The back knee should be pointing down to the floor. Refrain from externally rotating outwards.
– Each person will have a different stance based on height, leg length and what feels comfortable. However, keeping the feet too close together puts much of the force on the knees rather than on the glutes, hamstrings, and quads, which is where it should be. Taking the feet too far apart may compromise flexibility in the back leg and add to an already unstable position. You can avoid this by watching your form in a mirror.

BizziMumzi Workout ♥️
– Start with 20 Pulses to really get the body moving and firing up!
– Tune into your form and your breath with the movement.
– 10 x pulses with heel lifts… Add more for a deeper burn!
– If the heel lifts are too much, simply continue pulsing. Remember EverBody is different. Focus on you and your form.
– 10 x adding the arm pull down. This will surely help to lift your heart rate too!
– Lifting up onto the ball of the foot helps strengthen balance, better circulation for the ankles, stretches the instep of the foot. Bringing love to the feet ♥️
– 10x wrap back of the legs. Push from the outside of your tushy. Add more wraps if you can!
– Option/Challenge to wrap double time with heels high.
– Remember to tune into what feels good on your body.
– Drop a little lower if you can… Burn Baby, Burn!

Bend the knees and get a little lower! Don’t forget to lift up through your abs. Core strength and confident posture always. The burn may be overwhelming… typically when we get uncomfortable the magic starts to happen 😀

Wide Second & Lunge Combo Series:
– Start with 5-8 combos of Wide Second 2 pulses and Lunge 2 pulses
– As time goes on add more before you go to singles
– Start with 8-10 single pulse combos and add on for a deeper burn and cardio push.
– Once you establish your “perfect lunge”, sink low and embrace the burn.
– Remember you want your lunge close to two 90 degree angle bends in the legs.
– Power and energy pressing down while you lift up through your waistline.
– Go for 15-20 pulses
– Hold at the bottom and lift and lower front heal 10-20 times
– Option to hold the heal high for 10 more pulses
– Start to wrap the inner thighs in 10-20 times and incline the body forwards to set up next cardio blast.
– Extend opposite arm to back leg. Begin to pull arm and leg to chest.
– Aim for 20 knee to chest pulls and try and take the option of pulling both arms to the chest.
– You Got This!

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