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Barre Breakdown, Curtsey| At Home Workout| No Equipment Required| 5 minute workout

Why Curtsey?
Firstly, we know the Queen made the “Curtsey” famous! 😂
The curtsey brings a lot of bang for its movement…
– The curtsy lunge is great for building lower body strength and stability.
– The gluteus medius is an important muscle for stability, but it isn’t directly targeted in standard squats and lunges, so strengthening it is often overlooked.
– The gluteus medius is often under-active, making strengthening exercises like the curtsy lunge even more important.
– Curtsy lunges also aid in strengthening the inner thigh area.

Form is Everything for Curtsey!
-Your hips should stay square with the rest of your body during a curtsy lunge.
– If you twist your hips as you’re curtsying, you’ll lose the activation in your glutes and hips.
– As with any lunge, letting the knee fall over the toe line has the potential to cause injury.
– This is dependent upon many factors — such as your individual anatomy — but a good rule of thumb is to sit back in your hips to initiate the movement, preventing the knee from falling too far forward.

Set-up is key!
Find your perfect form and what feels right in your body. You will get the optimum burn for your body.

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