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The Bizzimumzi Podcast is brought to you by coffee-infused host Ashley Verma. This show is created to share all the ups, downs and all arounds of being a mom, owning a successful business and truly managing being an un-single single mom, attempting to balance all aspects of family life! Each week Ashley will be joined by a fellow inspiring, thriving and surviving Bizzimumzi – who will share their own journey. This podcast is your weekly opportunity to take a deep breath as we try to navigate the wild world of parenting; think of this podcast as the safe space where we are not too hard on ourselves, we share our humility and relish in overcoming the inevitable failures that simply happen. This is a show for those Mom’s that are not trying to be shiny and filtered. This is a podcast for those who are unapologetically, at their best and worst, Bizzimumzi’s!

New Bizzimumzi episodes are launched every Wednesday to fill your coffee cup with insight, comfort and laughter. We hope you take a moment to download the show and give it some extra love with a 5 star rating. Thanks for supporting the Bizzimumzi podcast!

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S2 / E50: Dr. Rupa Wong, Surgeon / Mother / Entrepreneur
November 29, 2023
In this week’s episode of the Bizzimumzi Podcast, host Ashley brings an exceptional conversation with Dr. Rupa Wong, a renowned…
S2 / E49: Emma Shafqat, Dietitian and Founder of Dietitian with a Difference
November 22, 2023
Welcome to another exciting episode of the Bizzimumzi podcast with your host, Ashley Verma! This time, Ashley is thrilled to…
S2 / E48: Jamie Hess, Tedx Speaker, Wellness Entrepreneur & Media Personality
November 15, 2023
This week on the Bizzimumzi Podcast, host Ashley Verma is beyond excited to welcome a powerhouse guest, Jamie Hess. As…
S2 / E47: Emma Campbell, Author, Motivational Speaker, Cancer Thriver
November 8, 2023
In this deeply moving and inspiring episode of the Bizzimumzi podcast, host Ashley Verma sits down with an extraordinary guest,…
S2 / E46: Mary Williams, Family Content Creator
November 1, 2023
Welcome to another heartfelt episode of the Bizzimumzi Podcast! Your host, Ashley Verma, is absolutely thrilled to introduce a very…
S2 / E45: Mary Catherine Starr, the Founder of The Mom Life Comics
October 25, 2023
Welcome to this week’s episode of Bizzimumzi, hosted by the incredible Ashley Verma. Today, Ashley welcomes a remarkable guest, Mary…
S2 / E44: Ali Flynn, The Founder of “Hang In There, Mama”
October 18, 2023
Ashley is buzzing with excitement on this episode of Bizzimumzi as she sits down with a fellow native New Yorker,…
S2 / E43: Kate Hall, the Founder of The Full Freezer
October 11, 2023
Join Ashley this week on the Bizzimumzi podcast as she welcomes the founder of ‘The Full Freezer’, Kate Hall. Delve…
S2 / E42: Celeste Yvonne, Recovery Coach , Advocate & Author of : “It’s Not About The Wine”
October 4, 2023
In this week’s illuminating episode, our host Ashley sits down with the inimitable Celeste Yvonne – a mom, renowned writer,…
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