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S2 / E42: Celeste Yvonne, Recovery Coach , Advocate & Author of : “It’s Not About The Wine”

October 4, 2023

In this week’s illuminating episode, our host Ashley sits down with the inimitable Celeste Yvonne – a mom, renowned writer, advocate, recovery coach, and now, an author. Known for her unfiltered take on motherhood, Celeste’s words have been a beacon for mothers across the globe. Her recent book, “It’s Not About The Wine”, delves deep into the rising trend of moms turning to alcohol for solace, and the underlying feelings of being under-supported and overwhelmed.

As a certified life and recovery coach, Celeste has been instrumental in aiding women worldwide, guiding them to find the intersection of motherhood and personal fulfillment. Her mission? To assist women in carving a life where they aren’t constantly evading their realities, be it through substances, self-destructive behaviours, or mental escape routes.

Join us as Ashley and Celeste dive deep into the heart of her new book, the societal pressures mothers face, and the path to a more authentic, fulfilled life. Discover the reasons behind the increasing trend of moms numbing their emotions and how to break the cycle. This conversation promises insights, revelations, and a dose of the raw, unfiltered truth.

Book Highlight: “It’s Not About The Wine” by Celeste Yvonne – an eye-opening exploration into the modern challenges of motherhood, a must-read by the creator of The Ultimate Mom Challenge.

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