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S2 / E45: Mary Catherine Starr, the Founder of The Mom Life Comics

October 25, 2023

Welcome to this week’s episode of Bizzimumzi, hosted by the incredible Ashley Verma. Today, Ashley welcomes a remarkable guest, Mary Catherine Starr, the Founder of The Mom Life Comics.

Mary’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. She began her life’s adventure growing up in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia. After completing her education at a small liberal arts school in Kentucky, she found herself in the bustling heart of New York City, working in marketing as a recent college graduate. However, Mary’s entrepreneurial spirit and creative soul yearned for something more.

In 2009, Mary and her then-boyfriend, now-husband, Ben, relocated to Washington, DC, where she decided to make a bold move. She transitioned from a corporate desk job to become a yoga teacher, embracing her love for yoga, art, and blogging. It was during this time that she birthed her blog, Starr Struck, and ventured into the world of yoga studio management and Etsy, where she began crafting beautiful greeting cards.

The year 2012 marked a significant milestone as Mary and Ben tied the knot and embarked on a new chapter, settling in Cape Cod, Ben’s hometown. They soon started their family in 2016. Mary’s journey continued to evolve as she launched a graphic design and consulting business, taught yoga at various studios, and even explored the world of podcasting.

But it was in the digital realm of @momlife_comics on Instagram where Mary truly found her calling. Through Mom Life Comics, she candidly shares the challenges and joys of motherhood, marriage, and being a woman in today’s world. While she had to face online trolls and endure their negativity, Mary’s resilience shone through. She refused to be silenced and instead used her illustrations as a powerful means to connect with a supportive community.

In this week’s Bizzimumzi episode, Ashley and Mary dive deep into the intricacies of motherhood—the highs, the lows, and the journey of self-discovery that comes with creating your own business. Mary unveils the fascinating process behind each Mom Life Comic square and the profound impact it has had on her and her family.

But that’s not all—Mary shares her experience of dealing with online trolls and how she and her family decided to stand up and speak out against them. Through her art and her voice, Mary has cultivated a vibrant and supportive community that keeps the noisy trolls at bay.

Join Ashley and Mary as they explore the beautiful chaos of daily life, the pursuit of balance, and the quest for joy amidst the adventures of motherhood. This episode is a testament to the strength of creative entrepreneurship and the power of using your voice to build something meaningful.

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