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No parenting journey is the same. The Bizzi Chatter is a space to share your journey as well as to read, learn and grow from other parents, siblings, grandparents from around the globe.
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Practical tips to help you attain your post baby body – or better yet help you find the ‘New Strong You!’

Prior to having a child, I was very aware of constantly being checked out by a potential client; ’I want arms like you’, ‘Your tummy is so flat, I want that!’. It simply came with the territory.
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Hang in there peeps, we’ve almost made it!

With the endless to do lists and weight of expectation bearing down on you does anyone else want to crawl under a duvet and sleep for a couple days, at least? 
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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Traveling with one kid can be daunting, but traveling with 6 who all have a severe peanut allergy is just down right crazy! 
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Making Memories during Christmastime

My parents and wider family went to such great lengths to make it magical for us that I feel so honoured to be able to do the same for my daughter, Hallie, who is nearly 2.
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We Rise By Lifting Others

It has been shown that social support reduces the risk for prenatal and postpartum depression (PPD).
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Christmas Traditions and Beyond

Traditions give us and our children a sense of stability, predictability, and belonging, marking time as our families and children grow.
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Single Parent Life & Making It Happen

When you are expecting, parents tell you how hard it can be… but until you become a parent you don't really realise how much your life will change in the way you could never imagine before.
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Connecting with your Core Values after having children

Often mothers struggle with a loss of identity after having children and central to this can be losing sight of your core values.
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The most wonderful time of the year (or is it?)

If you scroll through my Instagram or indeed most mum bloggers you will find endless photos of perfectly happy families.
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Blended Family

Let's chat Blended Family... “My children are not some sort of neat little fit. We are British, Indian and Pakistani.” Salma speaks candidly about how her daughter, who is 5, is already asking all the questions about different skin colour and why everyone isn’t treated equally.
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Disney is Always a Great Idea at Christmas!

When you think of Disney World at Christmas, does it make you feel all warm and fuzzy or severely anxious and stressed? If you love Christmas,
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Being a Nurse is Hard, Being a Mom is Harder

Being a nurse is hard. Being a mom is harder. Being both at the same time makes me question my sanity on a daily basis.
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