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Happy Birthday to my dear Adiya

By: Ashley Verma | Published: February, 2023

To my sweet Adiya,

My oh my how you have grown like a weed! I can’t believe 3 years have flown by since you first made me a Mom.

There are so many sayings of when you “Become a Mom”. I can firmly say I had no ideas of what you would or could be in my early adult years. I didn’t wish for you then like how I wished for you on my 35th Birthday. It really wasn’t until you were nestled in my arms did I get this full powerful jolt of Mom-Hood. I am so beyond here for it and now simply can’t imagine life without you.

You have a voice that shakes trees with zest and rumbles the walls when not to your liking. There is never a fault to either as I forever want you to have strong thoughts, opinions… it’s the only way to navigate through this crazy world. Your wishful eyes, still capturing so much innocence, can definitely be looked into as an old soul who knows well beyond her years. I will forever want to bottle this 3 year old pureness but know your strength will only continue to thrive.

I hope all of your beautiful birthday wishes come true and thank you for making me a Mom.

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