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S2 / E55: Shakira Akabusi , Fitness Expert & Author of “The Strong Like Mum Method”

January 3, 2024

Welcome to a sparkling New Year’s episode of The Bizzimumzi Podcast! In this exciting debut episode of 2024, your host Ashley Verma is over the moon to welcome the remarkable Shakira Akabusi for the very first time. And let us tell you, sparks are about to fly!

Ashley and Shakira kick off this episode with a burst of laughter as Ashley catches Shakira completely off guard with a compliment about her incredible abs. Yes, you heard that right – fabulous abs after four kids! Ashley can’t help but ask the burning question: “How did you do it?” Get ready for a candid and entertaining conversation that delves into the secrets of postnatal fitness and more.

Shakira Akabusi is the visionary founder of StrongLikeMum, a powerhouse business established in 2018 with an audacious mission: to inspire, encourage, and engage mothers from all walks of life. Shakira is a mother on a bold mission, determined to obliterate the stereotypes surrounding motherhood, especially in the realm of pre and postnatal health, encompassing both physical and mental well-being.

Shakira’s journey began during her first pregnancy when she was bombarded with a barrage of naysayers, constantly telling her all the things she’d never do again. From staying active to having time to cook and regaining body confidence, the list seemed endless. However, after the birth of her son, Rio, eight years ago (time really does fly!), and now being a mother of four, including newborn twins, Shakira discovered that motherhood was the complete opposite of what she’d been led to believe.

This revelation led her to create StrongLikeMum, which is more than just a platform for postnatal fitness; it’s a comprehensive method and mindset that empowers women to reconnect with their confidence, creativity, and passions in the postpartum journey.

In the midst of their lively conversation, Ashley and Shakira dive deep into the topic of the “Bounce Back Culture.” They candidly discuss the overwhelming noise surrounding it and share how they personally navigated their way towards progress instead of feeling like they were sinking. Shakira passionately expresses her desire for women to receive more information as they leave the hospital post-delivery, equipping them with the tools needed to conquer the often challenging 4th trimester.
This episode is an absolute joyous chat between two incredible women, filled with laughter, wisdom, and a whole lot of inspiration. Don’t miss out on this delightful conversation that touches on motherhood, postnatal fitness, and smashing stereotypes. Download and tune in now to join the fun and gain valuable insights!

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