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S2 / E53: Emily San Jose, Digital Creator of @MamaInMadrid

December 20, 2023

Join Ashley Verma as she welcomes fellow American and Madrid-based mom, Emily San Jose, on this heartwarming episode of the Bizzimumzi podcast. Emily, like Ashley, is thriving, striving, and surviving motherhood while raising her family abroad in the vibrant city of Madrid. In this sparkling Christmas episode, Emily and Ashley share laughs, stories, and insights about the unique challenges and extraordinary advantages of living abroad with their families.

Discover the joys and tribulations of being a mom soaking up the cultural richness of Madrid with adorable kids by tuning in. Emily, through her blog, offers captivating stories of her family’s cultural journey, lifestyle musings, and thrilling adventures. Together, they navigate the exciting challenges and embrace the beauty of Madrid Mom Life.

Get into the holiday spirit as Emily shares her Christmas countdown, festive plans, and how she expertly juggles the magic of Father Christmas with the celebration of the Three Wise Men just a few days after Christmas. Traditions are vital in all cultures, and Emily discusses her heartfelt efforts to ensure a smooth blend of customs and a rich experience for her family.

Join Ashley and Emily for a heartfelt conversation filled with laughter, love, and the spirit of Christmas as they share their experiences and hopes for their children’s brighter future through life abroad. Don’t miss this special episode that reminds us of the importance of embracing traditions while living in a foreign land.

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