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S2 / E40: Veena Crownholm, Mom / Lifestyle Expert / QVC Brand Ambassador

September 20, 2023

Welcome to another engaging episode of the Bizzimumzi podcast, hosted by Ashley Verma. In this week’s conversation, Ashley is joined by the remarkable Veena Crownholm, making for a captivating episode that’s not to be missed.

Veena Crownholm, a dynamic force in the world of non-profit work, takes center stage in this episode. Veena’s journey is marked by her title as Miss California 2004 and her impressive achievement as 4th-Runner Up to Miss America. Since then, she has channeled her passion into the non-profit sector, excelling in special event fundraising and program development.

A seasoned motivational speaker, Veena has traversed the country to address a range of topics including multi-cultural issues, women’s empowerment, and wellness for both women and children. Her voice extends beyond the stage as she contributes regularly to prominent lifestyle media outlets such as KTLA, Kcal9/CBS, and NBC CA Live. With appearances on platforms like Inside Edition, The Insider, Today’s Parenting Team, HLN, Raising America, and Huffington Post Live, Veena’s insights have reached wide audiences.

Her impactful presence doesn’t stop there. Veena has found a unique niche as a brand ambassador for Cella, QVC’s line of kitchen and home organisation solutions. Her influence stretches even further, collaborating with numerous national brands for satellite media tours. Whether representing Cracker Barrel, Netflix Family, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, Veena’s versatility shines through.

The chapter of motherhood has significantly shaped Veena’s journey, having welcomed her son in late 2010. In this episode, Veena and Ashley delve into her family’s experiences, including a moment that led to a crucial decision: homeschooling. Veena opens up about this challenging period, shedding light on how homeschooling ultimately became the best choice for her family’s unique needs.

Veena’s world revolves around her family and their happiness. She embraces what brings her fulfillment and pride, a sentiment that has guided her transformation from aspiring Hollywood reporter to a prominent figure collaborating with QVC and other industry giants. Her journey is marked by gratitude and personal growth, a journey she continues to explore with boundless creativity.

Join Ashley and Veena as they explore the fascinating intersection of school, safety, and personal growth. Veena’s candid insights offer a glimpse into her world, underscored by the importance of family, happiness, and the pursuit of one’s passions. Whether it’s homeschooling or building her personal brand, Veena Crownholm’s story is a testament to the transformative power of embracing unexpected opportunities. Tune in for an episode that’s both enlightening and inspiring.

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