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S2 / E38: Kristin Piro & David Gordon, Broadway Actors & Founders of Intermission Cellars

September 6, 2023

Get ready for a showbiz chat that’s as delightful as a Broadway musical and as smooth as a fine wine! This week, your bubbly host Ashley Verma sits down with none other than the dynamic duo, Kristin Piro and David Gordon, a Broadway husband and wife team who have taken their passion from the stage to the vineyards with their incredible wine brand, Intermission.

Kristin, the quintessential Jersey girl turned Broadway star, shares her journey from the Garden State to the dazzling lights of New York City. With a lifelong love for the stage, she’s rocked it in 4 Broadway shows, 4 National Tours, and a plethora of regional performances. And just like her dance moves, she’s found a way to express herself through her favourite art form – wine! Kristin’s deep appreciation for the artistry in a glass of wine resonates with her creative spirit, and she spills all the juicy details on this week’s episode.

David, a true California native, brings his West Coast charm and theatre talent to the Big Apple. With an impressive resume that spans 38 states and 36 countries, he’s graced iconic stages around the world. But his proudest moments aren’t just stage credits – their cherished memories of friendships forged, laughs shared, and a backstage meeting that changed his life forever.

On this episode, Ashley dives deep into the dazzling world of Broadway and wine with Kristin and David. They spill the beans on how they balance the hustle of the Broadway industry with the joys and challenges of parenthood. Sharing the ups and downs of maintaining a healthy outlook in the fast-paced world of showbiz, while nurturing their growing brand, Intermission, these two are a powerhouse of inspiration.

Ever wondered how a love for theatre seamlessly translated into a love for fine wines? Kristin and David dish out the story behind their passion-driven journey that led them to dive headfirst into the wine business. From curtain calls to cork pops, they’ve discovered that the complexities of wine mirror the nuances of their beloved stage performances.

Kristin opens up about the juggling act of raising their little one while keeping her Broadway dreams alive. With a schedule that dances to the rhythm of milestones and stage cues, she’s ready to rock her next Broadway project this fall, supported by their unbeatable team and a game plan that’s as solid as a Shakespearean script.

So, whether you’re a theatre aficionado, a wine connoisseur, or just someone looking for an inspiring tale of passion and partnership, this episode of Bizzimumzi is a must-listen! Tune in as Ashley, Kristin, and David create a symphony of stories that’ll leave you craving both a front-row seat at a Broadway show and a glass of the finest Intermission wine.

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