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S2 / E27: Sophie Bertrand, registered Nutritionist & co-author of Forking Wellness

June 21, 2023

Ashley is thrilled to welcome nutritionist Sophie Bertrand on for a Bizzimumzi chat.

Sophie Bertrand is a Registered Nutritionist, co-host and co-author of Forking Wellness, owner of her nutrition consultancy and Mum to her son Romeo.

With a BSc in Psychology and MSc in Clinical Nutrition, she understands the importance of marrying the two together to support good health. There is so much more to eating well than just ‘eating well’. Healthy looks different on everyone and Sophie helps to empower people to see looking after their health as a lifestyle.

On today’s Bizzimumzi podcast episode, Ashley & Sophie discuss:

  • Meeting for the first time at Ashley’s barre studio, Define London
  • The difference in carrying baby #1 & baby #2
  • Sophie’s challenges finding herself again after her first child.
  • Both gals share resent towards their partners postpartum.
  • Sophie chat about her nutrition business and when/why she went back to work so soon.
  • Nutrition during pregnancy
  • How to get the little ones to eat more veggies.
  • Hacks in the kitchen.
  • Words of wisdom to a newly expecting Bizzimumzi.

The Bizzimumzi Podcast is brought to you by coffee-infused host Ashley Verma. This show is created to share all the ups, downs and all arounds of the wild world of parenting. Each week Ashley will be joined by a fellow inspiring, thriving and surviving Bizzimumzi – who will share their own journey. This podcast is your weekly opportunity to take a deep breath as we try to navigate the wild world of parenting; think of this podcast as the safe space where we are not too hard on ourselves, we share our humility and relish in overcoming the inevitable failures that simply happen. This is a podcast for those who are unapologetically At Its Best, even when ‘At its Best’ means the dishes aren’t done, there is crayon on the walls and your hair hasn’t been washed in forever. We Are Bizzimumzi. We love hearing from you! Get in touch with any topic suggestions, questions and feedback at:

We love hearing from you! Get in touch with any topic suggestions, questions and feedback at:


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