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“Lets talk about Sex & the Pelvic Floor” with Master Pilates Trainer & Creator of the Belle Method, Nikki Bergen

June 15, 2022

This week on The Bizzimumzi Podcast Ashley is joined in conversation by Nikki Bergen, Master Pilates Trainer, and creator of the Belle Method. Nikki, a very busy mum to two little ones, is an expert on pre-postnatal care. She talks with Ashley about the things that some women, including herself, go through during pregnancy. She also shares about a group of pregnant women that were going through fertility treatments. She remembers shoving back tears, shaking, and being so anxious to share because she wasn’t sure what reaction she would get, but at that moment, it was like the weight of the world was lifted off her shoulders.

Ashley and Nikki talk about how pilates and pelvic health exercises have helped them and others with their pelvic floor issues. How Rectus Abdominis impacts a pregnant person’s life. Nikki explains that it’s basically when your abdominals stretch and thin to make room for a growing baby. Postpartum and misconceptions surrounding the subject. They also discuss the importance of doing specific pregnancy-friendly training rather than full cardio. About Nikki’s IVF (in vitro fertilisation) journey. She talks about why some people would have to go through fertility treatments and why she went through with it.  Pelvic floor physiotherapy and why it’s needed. They talk about the specifics of what happens during intercourse that can result in pelvic floor issues.

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