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E8: “As if we are not worried enough when expecting… Understanding Gestational Diabetes” with Nutritionist and Lactation Counselor, Leslee Flannery

June 8, 2022

This week on The Bizzimumzi Podcast Ashley is joined in conversation by Leslee Flannery, a nutritionist and lactation counsellor. Leslee talks about her 12-year-old and 4.5-year-old sons. She shares that she is the only female in their household. She had an easy, pleasant pregnancy and was never sick. She has worked with pregnant women for her entire career as a registered dietician. The first five years, she worked in a government-funded program called WIC in the US, providing women, infants, and children with nutrition education. Leslee was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes and also talks about how she navigates it with her health and the progression of pregnancy.

Leslee talks about how she felt that these women needed more support and the misinformation being spread needed to stop. Challenges that women with gestational diabetes face with regard to their nutrition and blood sugar. She wanted to know and do more for these women after working with a gestational diabetic mom. The testing process for gestational diabetes. It involves imbibing   drinks of various sugar levels, testing your blood sugar and other screenings. Leslee gives advice on maintaining a healthy pregnancy once you’re diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This involves balancing your carbohydrate, fat, fibre and protein intake, spacing out meals thoroughly and staying hydrated. Tips to navigate through and handle life with gestational diabetes, including managing your diet and stress level.

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