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You Look Like A Mom

By: Ashley Verma | Published: January, 2023

You Look Like A Mom

I’ve had this lovely sentiment come at me many times since having Adiya, ‘You look like a Mom’. I could be showered, clean faced, dressed up, dressed down, t-shirt, leggings, sneakers, jeans. “OK, Thank You!” I would reply. I didn’t give it much thought the first few times but the more I have heard these words well the more I got to thinking and feeling.

There is definitely a distinct difference between mom-wear worn by Kendall Jenner and mom-wear worn by myself and other real moms navigating motherhood. I don’t have a stylist, unlimited funds to buy whatever I want. To be honest, I very rarely buy clothes full wack as I am all about a sale and then a super sale on top of it. I do miss a good Gabriel Brothers shop. If you know, you know my east coast folks. If you still haven’t a clue what I am talking about then think TJ Max but even cheaper!

Its obvious our cultural distaste for looking like a mom is rooted in ageism. I mean once you pop out a kid, you are old, right? It’s that branded stamp on your ass that as a woman now with a child on your hip, you are old. It can sting and for many can be hard to find your way back to you. 

I can hand on heart look at my life as a 42 year old and say ‘Yes, I am older’ and ‘Yes, I am a Mother’ and ‘Yes, I Look Like A Mom’. I am grateful. I am grateful to have trudged through some heavy duty shit in my life prior to my daughter. I am grateful to have more confidence now and the brain capacity to only surround myself with people who are actually rooting for me, rather than wanting me to fail. I am beyond grateful to have my daughter and for her birth story to have been easy and for our journey to be the enviable rollercoaster that I would never change. 

I have said this many times, I love my Mom Jeans. I love who I have become. I love “Looking Like A Mom” any day of the week. I Am A Mom and I am not ashamed of everything that nurtures this most monumental role. 

So I sit thinking and feeling…How does this sit with you? Does ‘You Look Like A Mom’ hit you differently? Do you think and feel differently now? Do you feel ashamed or do you feel more empowered wearing your mom jeans? 

I would love to hear your thoughts. xx

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