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Helping Parents manage a fussy eater

By: Joanna Parker | Published: October, 2022

I’ve always loved healthy eating and been very passionate about ensuring my kids eat well. The tipping point to launch Yumble was how difficult it was to come up with a healthy dinner that my kids would look forward to eating. I decided to post on a Facebook mommy group to see if parents wanted me to cook their kids meals, too, and was met with a resounding yes. That’s when I knew that people needed this and it would be well received.

Yumble is the only kids’ delivery meal service that rewards kids for making healthy food choices. We’re convenient for parents and can help them rest easy knowing their kids will be eating healthy. But what makes us unique is we empower kids to make their own healthy choices by encouraging them to select their meals with their parents’ help. Kids love choices and feeling in control. We empower them to do just that, and it increases the likelihood of getting excited about food and eating it. Because the premise behind Yumble is about empowering kids to make the right choices and getting them excited about eating, a large portion of our food is interactive (like dunking part of the meal into a dipping sauce), or the meals come with fun extras like sticker sheets or conversation starter cards to prompt for fun mealtime discussions.

Picky eating is so common!! And that’s because teaching our children healthy eating habits is really just like any other milestone we help our children though. Just like we help them to sleep through the night, potty train, and lose their pacifier, as parents we need to help teach children healthy eating. And the reason it’s so common in toddlers is because at that age kids don’t have the vocabulary to express what they don’t like or why they don’t want to eat something. Shoving the food or throwing it on the floor is their way of trying to express something more to us.

Joanna Parker was a stay-at-home-mom, she struggled to get healthy food on the table every single day for her kids. Joanna and her husband, David, realized that if she was struggling with this problem, then other people probably were too. They decided to start Yumble—a healthy prepared kids’ meal subscription service that turns meal time into something easy and fun for both kids and busy parents. Joanna really found a love and passion for what she calls her fourth baby, Yumble. With great success from famed TV show, Shark Tank, Joanna was able to gain a lot of interest for her new found meal prep company.

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