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S2 / E26: Natasha D’Anna, Mom / Creator / Author of “Any Two Can Be Twindollicious”

June 14, 2023

Ashley welcomes Mom, Content Creator & Author of “Any Two Can Be Twindollicious”, Natasha D’Anna. 

Natasha started the blog in 2012 when her twin daughters were 18 months; which was when her children’s book Any Two Can be TwinDollicious received a Mom’s choice Award. This led to the build of a community which continues to thrive today. As a mom of 3 ; she continues to nourish her audience with tips, tools and content that serves them best. Our TwinDollicious & co readers engage in our social media posts for influence in creating a sibling bonded lifestyle. “As a writer, I blog about family lifestyle with fashionable twins who are bonded through things in common.” We cover travel, lifestyle hacks and diy fun, product reviews, as well as events in and around NYC.

On today’s Bizzimumzi episode the gals chat about:

  • The upside to social media and the joys of connecting with other Moms.
  • What did it mean to become a mother.
  • Finding out you are expecting twins as a first time parent.
  • Bed-rest was Natasha’s entire first pregnancy and how she handled it.
  • Integrating baby #3 after having twins.
  • Managing three very different personalities in the household.
  • Writing a book and the joy it brought.
  • Natasha shares what she has learned along her motherhood journey.
  • Best advice for the expecting Bizzimumzi.

The Bizzimumzi Podcast is brought to you by coffee-infused host Ashley Verma. This show is created to share all the ups, downs and all arounds of the wild world of parenting. Each week Ashley will be joined by a fellow inspiring, thriving and surviving Bizzimumzi – who will share their own journey. This podcast is your weekly opportunity to take a deep breath as we try to navigate the wild world of parenting; think of this podcast as the safe space where we are not too hard on ourselves, we share our humility and relish in overcoming the inevitable failures that simply happen. This is a podcast for those who are unapologetically At Its Best, even when ‘At its Best’ means the dishes aren’t done, there is crayon on the walls and your hair hasn’t been washed in forever. We Are Bizzimumzi. We love hearing from you! Get in touch with any topic suggestions, questions and feedback at:

We love hearing from you! Get in touch with any topic suggestions, questions and feedback at:


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