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E25: “Be the friend that remembers” with CEO & Creative Director of Bumdate, Gabrielle Sylk & Tyler Sylk

October 5, 2022

This week on The Bizzimumzi Podcast, Ashley is joined in conversation by Gabrielle Sylk and Tyler Sylk. They are fab sister-in-laws and are also working together. Gabrielle is the founder of Bumpdate and Tyler has come on board as the Creative Director. We start off the conversation with “Do you get along as sister-in-laws?”, have a giggle and dive further into the development of their new venture, Bumpdate.

We are thrilled to have Bumpdate as the sponsor of the Bizzimumzi podcast!

Bumpdate is transforming the way we embrace our pregnancies with the first-ever mobile app allowing close friends and families to support expecting parents while they share their expected due dates, pregnancy timelines, gift registry links, planned location of delivery, baby names or nicknames and genders, children’s birthdays and ages, and much more in a private, streamlined way. Unlike other apps with due date calculators, Bumpdate has an easy-to-read trimester meter and real-time pregnancy calculations by number of weeks and days. While the app predominantly targets pregnant women and parents, it’s also a way for family and friends to intimately follow along their journey and remember to check-in during milestone moments and events.

“Plenty of pregnancy tracker apps tell you if your baby is a peach or a cantaloupe, but no app helps you remember the important details about those closest to you,” says Gabrielle Iorio Sylk, Bumpdate Founder and former VP of Operations for a tech startup. “You don’t have to tie a string around your finger or add everything into a calendar anymore. Bumpdate takes the work out of remembering, so that our users know when to send that encouraging text or pick out the perfect present.”

Bumpdate serves as a private central information source, eliminating the need to continuously ask individual questions about your loved one’s pregnancy journey such as expected due dates, what trimester they are in and gift registry links. Add reminders, visible to you alone, that are viewable in your easy to use calendar to keep track of the important times to check in.“Since Gabrielle and I were both pregnant during the loneliest days of the pandemic and then at home with infants, we felt disconnected from our circle of friends,” added Creative Director Tyler Sylk. “Bumpdate enables those connections. It couldn’t come at a better time.”

A profile takes less than one minute to set up and provides the flexibility of adding as much or as little information as the user would like, while also allowing the user to easily accept or deny friend requests to maintain privacy and limit this information to be viewed by those you trust most. Bumpdate is incredibly user friendly and features a scrollable homepage with an in-app calendar that displays important events by day and month for everyone that a user is following. Bumpdate is Free! Click the link and become a member: BUMPDATE

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