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The Bizzimumzi Podcast is brought to you by coffee-infused host Ashley Verma. This show is created to share all the ups, downs and all arounds of being a mom, owning a successful business and truly managing being an un-single single mom, attempting to balance all aspects of family life! Each week Ashley will be joined by a fellow inspiring, thriving and surviving Bizzimumzi – who will share their own journey. This podcast is your weekly opportunity to take a deep breath as we try to navigate the wild world of parenting; think of this podcast as the safe space where we are not too hard on ourselves, we share our humility and relish in overcoming the inevitable failures that simply happen. This is a show for those Mom’s that are not trying to be shiny and filtered. This is a podcast for those who are unapologetically, at their best and worst, Bizzimumzi’s!

New Bizzimumzi episodes are launched every Wednesday to fill your coffee cup with insight, comfort and laughter. We hope you take a moment to download the show and give it some extra love with a 5 star rating. Thanks for supporting the Bizzimumzi podcast!

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E19: “Tips to Saving Money in a Growing Household” with Money Mum, Gemma Bird
August 24, 2022
Gemma Bird is the queen of saving money and balances home life and work life with a simple philosophy. It…
E18: “Creating a billion pound empire and raising 3 children” with co-founder of the Arora Group, Sunita Arora
August 17, 2022
This week Ashley sits down for a Bizzmumzi chat with the ever inspiring Mom of 3 and powerhouse business woman,…
E17: Broadway, Baby, and now Law School… Oh My!” with powerhouse Mama Bear, Bree Koegel
August 10, 2022
My dear friend Bree Koegel joined me this week on the Bizzimumzi podcast. She has always been a calming force…
E16: “Who You Gonna Call?” with Ghostbusters Star and Emmy Nominee, Annie Potts
August 3, 2022
Annie Potts became a household name with the blockbuster Ghostbusters in 1984 and her silver screen star continues to shine extremely…
E15: Through a Father’s Lens” with Author & BBC Radio 5 Live Presenter, Marvyn Harrison
July 27, 2022
Joining Ashley is Marvyn Harrison, the creator of Dope Black Dads, an organisation that provides a safe space for fathers…
E14: “Identity, Sobriety and a New Baby” with Broadway Husbands Bret Shuford & Stephen Hanna
July 20, 2022
Ashley is joined by Broadway husbands Bret and Stephen on this week’s Bizzimumzi episode. Ashley and Bret take a walk…
E13: “When you don’t understand what is happening in your life, God is about to blow your mind”, with radio personality TJ of the “TJ Show” and wife Jessica Latchsaw.
July 13, 2022
Grief is experienced universally and how we handle it is personal with no sort of handbook attached. Jess and TJ…
E:12 “A Mama Bear is always there to adjust the crown” with famed TV series original Dance Mom, Melissa Gisoni
July 12, 2022
This week on The Bizzimumzi Podcast, Ashley is joined in conversation by Melissa Gisoni, the much-loved TV Star, who rose…
E11: “Wiping Away the Self Doubt and the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee in Your Head” with Women’s Health Editor-In-Chief, Claire Sanderson
June 29, 2022
This week on The Bizzimumzi Podcast Ashley is joined in conversation by Claire Sanderson. Claire is a media and communications…
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